Marklin Trix « The Flying Scotsman »

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Marklin Trix "The Flying Scotman"

Marklin nous sort une surprise de taille.  Marklin va produire la locomotive anglaise « The flying Scotsman ».  En version Marklin et Trix HO.


Pièce à ne pas rater évidement.

Locomotive qui a une longue histoire :

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the « Flying Scotsman », Märklin and TRIX are offering the legend in H0 scale (1:87).
Even after 100 years, the model of this legendary locomotive is still operational and captivates people every day. This British type A1 (later A3) locomotive has a very checkered and exciting history. It entered service on February 24th, 1923 at LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) as locomotive 1472. A year later it was given its name « Flying Scotsman », which until then had stood for the train connection between London and Edinburgh. In 1963 the locomotive was decommissioned and was to be scrapped. But it went on. After initial attempts by a club to save the locomotive – the attempt failed due to lack of money – one after the other private individuals took over the locomotive and saved its survival. Over time, it came to the United States and Canada for promotial purposes. Later, it found its way even to Australia. Today it is part of the inventory of the National Railway Museum in York, which received it in working condition from 1963 with the road number 60103.


Elle portera la référence 39968  Marklin et 22886 Trix et sera en vente à 554.90€.

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